I help Dealer Principals and Managers assess their dealership, starting with their financial statements and working backwards.


We may end up in the BDC, we may end up in fixed operations, it could be a management situation. But the truth is always told in your financial statement or 20 group composite. As your collaborative partner, I'm really only interested in one thing, your bottom line net profit. Together, we will identify missed sales and expense-cutting opportunities, then create customized daily KPI tracking tools, easy to follow practices, and ongoing support in order for your team to focus on the most imminent areas for rapid profit results.

As a Dealer Partner or General Manager since 1995 and three decades in dealerships in virtually EVERY position, I know as well as anyone what your chair feels like. As you know, this means that I have actually signed payroll checks, had to get approved as a dealer, and most importantly, I actually invested my own, hard-earned money into my dealerships as an owner. Whether I wanted to admit it or not, I needed more than a stuffy consultant or a self-professed trainer. I needed a “Roll-your-sleeves-up” partner with a combination of experiential profit statement-based knowledge and an absolute disdain for the status quo. 

My name is Danny Benites, nice to meet you. Let's get started.

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DealerHealth Diagnosis™

  • onsite full dealership health assessment and with Video Recaps. This includes pre-visit work and three subsequent weekly post-visit sessions. This visit can contain combinations of the following based on accessibility and operation.

    • StatementTrak: Financial Statement or 20 Group Composite Analysis through customized data tables that will define, measure, analyze, improve and control any combination of lines on your statement.

    • DealerHealth Quality Conversion Assessment:

      • Three mystery calls with video recaps

      • Three Incoming Call Reviews

      • Ongoing services available upon request.

    • DealerHealth Website Assessment: Objectively seek ways to improve conversion and the customer experience.

    • ReputationHealth: Ensuring that you have a consistent sampling of positive reviews across all necessary platforms.

    • Inventory Merchandising Conversion Assessment: Making sure your inventory has the online presence it deserves for maximum lead volume.

    • VendorHealth: We will show you effective ways to save money on your marketing spend and ROI. This will more than pay for our services.

    • Market Performance Matrix: A look into your store's performance against your competitors by zip code.

    • Sales Department Marketing Campaign Execution: Assessing your current marketing campaigns through innovation, messaging, and sustainable execution.

    • Dealership Value Proposition Diagnosis: Examining your "Why Buy Here" messaging and effectiveness.

    • Fixed Operations Marketing Assessment: We'll find immediate opportunities to increase fixed operations net profit through effective marketing.

    • Service Drive Review:

      • Advisor Effectiveness Assessment

      • Identify Process Mapping Opportunities

    • HR and Payplans: Assess your recruiting, hiring, and compensation plans.

Two Day - $4995 +travel

Three Day - $5995 +travel

all above services on our monthly service plan

  • Bi-Monthly Onsite Visits

  • Weekly consulting and accountability meetings with assigned leadership

  • 5 hours of on call consultative services per month

  • Access to all materials

  • Four DayBooks and continued support and accountability

$2499 | month 

  • Six month commitment

  • Onsite travel not included

Salesperson Development

  • Sales Professional DayBook: Fully customizable daily best practices and tracking.How to sell customers on your pricing philosophy rather than the price.

  • Contemporary Sales Training: One-on-One or Groups

  • First-Timer Sales Concepts: How to mentally and emotionally approach a new career as a Sales Professional

  • Wide Tie to WiFi Training: How to move stubborn sales veterans into today’s automotive landscape.

  • Sales Professional business-owner mindset

  • How to develop and execute the most conversational, non-confrontational greeting/interview

  • A laser-focused walkaround and product demonstration.

  • Proven, down payment focused negotiation techniques designed to speed up the deal, keep the customer engaged, and increase your gross profit.

  • One-Price Training, if applicable.

  • Sales Professional Personal Branding

  • 2-5 Day Sales Training Seminars for up to 50 Sales Associates.

  • Additional Services and pricing upon request

Human Capital Recruiting and Onboarding

  • DealerPeeps: Three and a half day salesperson recruiting campaign

  • Creating a defined career path for your dealership that will attract top talent

  • Customized onboarding video programs

  • Management Vetting/Personality Testing/Screening

  • Alliances with companies that can increase the number of quality applicants.

  • Additional Services and pricing upon request

Improv Comedy Training Workshops | Industry Speaking | Writing

  • 1-3 Day Customized Group Sales Training Seminars

  • 1 & 2 Day Improv Comedy Training Workshops to enhance effectiveness in the automotive industry. Available to Dealers and Vendors

  • Public Speaking

  • Marketing Spokesperson

  • Conferences

  • Special Events

  • Emcee/After Dinner

  • Creative Writing


I have known Danny Benites for several years now. He is one of the most innovative, unique and forward thinking leaders in the automotive industry. He has written some of the most intriguing editorials in our magazine. He also emceed an event I produced and was able to capture the audience immediately. I have had the pleasure of listening to him speak at numerous industry events and blow audiences away. Danny has been able to incorporate new practices into dealerships he has worked with by thinking outside the box. On a personal note, Danny is one of the greatest people I know. He goes above and beyond for the people he cares about and does it with a huge smile on his face. I feel honored to have him in my life and blessed to be able to have him in my circle of friends.
— Susan Givens, Publisher | AutoSuccess Magazine
“One of the best thinkers in the auto business today.”
— -Adolfo Martinez | Entrepreneur
I have known Danny Benites for several years professionally and personally. During the time I have known him, I have witnessed a brilliant, visionary and professional person with high character. Danny is the unique person who demonstrates the ability to combine many varied strong qualities with a humble demeanor. This quality attracts people to him and demonstrates his ability to lead. Professionally and personally, Danny Benites is a top-notch person and it is easy to see why he has experienced a lot of success.
— Mark Tewart, President | Tewart Enterprises Inc.
Enthusiastic, professional, determined, and assured are a few words that I use when describing Danny Benites. When you have such a passion for your work and for what you do, it’s easily reflected with your customers and colleagues.

— Scott Pechstein, Vice President | Autobytel Inc.
When I think of the most well rounded automotive friend I know, Danny Benites comes to mind. With his wealth of knowledge, ability to make anyone smile, and sense of feeling like you’ve known him for years, Danny is the bees knees.
— Ryan Dunkle, Director of Operations | Performance Toyota
“The best manager I’ve ever met. I would bet that 99% of the people that have worked for him would agree.”
— -Jeff Sherrill | Internet Director
“A conversation with Danny is a crazy experience- in the time you catch your breath from laughing, you’ll be floored by how much you learned about automotive. Smart, witty and ahead of his time, Benites kills it.”
-Daniel Michaeli, CEO | SaleMove
— -Daniel Michaeli, CEO | SaleMove
“Danny subscribes to the philosophy ‘Be Phenomenal or Be Forgotten’...a roll up your sleeves team player who brings out the best in people”
— -Mark Rodriguez, President | Auto Client Care, Inc
“Danny has a unique ability to get the most out of you, your staff and your customers. He just gets it. Whether it’s motivation, consulting on operations or advertising he can lead you in the right direction.”
— -Mike Case, Owner | Mike Case Motors and Sunrise Motorsports
“. . . Drop what you’re doing and get him in your dealership.”
— -Don Frank | Award-Winning Automotive Sales Professional
“He will find out what YOUR definition of success is, and then promptly take you there. If it’s important to you, it’s important to him. He truly cares and delivers.”
— - Brad Harper | Dealer Principal
“A great leader in his profession, his community, and his home.”
— -Deacon Henry Wilhelm
“In touch with today’s dealership employees and today’s customers.”
— -Alvin Ellerd | Sales Professional
“He’ll help you look at your business in a whole new light and you’ll have a blast doing it.”
— -Doug Morrison | General Manager